As with all equine-related activities, there are inherent risks involved with stretching horses. Although we have made our best efforts to teach this course with the utmost safety in mind, accidents do occur. By purchasing the Equine Stretching Masterclass, you (the purchaser) agree to release Dr. Michael Adney, D.C., and Specific Corp (DBA Sport Horse Chiropractic) of any and all liability, should insult, injury or death occur to person(s) or property, while performing the stretches contained in this course. In addition, we cannot know the state of your horse's health or injury. Therefore, we highly recommend you confer with your veterinarian, to ensure that these stretches will not be detrimental to your particular horse(s), and you agree to release Dr. Michael Adney, D.C. and Specific Corp (DBA Sport Horse Chiropractic) of any and all liability should your horse(s) suffer injury and/or death as a result of the information contained in this course. 

Equine Stretching Masterclass

Your purchase includes all future additions to the course, including: more videos, downloadable pdf guides, live Q&As, and more! 

What you'll get:

  • 26 Stretching Tutorials
  • Step-By-Step Instruction
  • Over 90 MINUTES of content!

**Due to the potential of screen-recording, all purchases are non-refundable.**