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Thank you Jennifer Campbell for your #facebook #review!

Jennifer wrote:

Long post ahead: so I've watched Dr. Adney on social medium for a long time.. wanting to try his services but I always hedge at the cost... I had Dr Alex out for the first time about 4 months ago and saw great results.... some background on my mare: she's 14 years old and when she came to me at 2 she had locking stifle, it got so bad that I would manually have to unlock her stifles for her to move forward in the mornings. when she was 4 she had her medial third patellar ligament split to create scar tissue so she wouldn't lock anymore.

I started running barrels on her 2 years ago and at the last race she seemed really off. gave her 4 days complete rest while I was out of town and when I got back turned her out in our arena which she proceeded to jump and buck and kick to the point where she miss stepped and couldn't bare weight on her right hind leg (I thought she blew her stifle out) had so many people tell me go straight to a lamness vet and to skip the chiropractor... I am so glad I kept my appointment with Dr Alex Dreamer had so many pops and cracks I couldn't believe it! she is back in place and I was able to ride her today! thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr. Alex for listening and helping my heart horse feel 1000% better...

if you are like me and are hesitating because of cost... DON'T! you will not regret the decision to trust your horses to these amazing Drs.

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